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Cheers to the Bottling Team

2020 was a challenging year in agriculture for the Rogue Valley. Our team at RoxyAnn Winery spent a lot of time (and money) growing, nurturing, and producing the best possible grapes through the many obstacles faced. So, when it came to bottling our wines last week, we naturally needed the support of a unique filtration system that not only performed well but also took care of our hard work and our grapes.

Enlisting the help of Signature Bottling, Fred, our head winemaker, and the RoxyAnn cellar crew (Bob and Ian), we started as early as 6 AM. The bottling process began with our beloved Pinot Gris, and by afternoon we had finished with 1270 cases. After a quick line change, we started bottling the Rosé, wrapping up the day with 275 cases. 1545 cases in just under 8 hours.


We used our crossflow filtration system throughout the process to clarify the wine, giving it a clear appearance and making our wine microbiologically stable. We’ve learned that the filtration quality is constant over time; this gentle filtering process does not change our grapes state, and our wine never gets distorted. It’s also an environmentally friendly process as we use no filter aid. Therefore, this process has its advantages as it drastically simplifies the steps used and some wine we can share soon after bottling like our sold-out Viognier, NOW AVAILABLE.

The entire process lasted three days. We continued our hard work and processed over 4500 cases of varied wines from the 2018 (Reds) and 2020 (whites) vintages. Ending our Spring 2021 bottling with our Viognier (at 1004 cases); for a wine that just got filtered/bottled, the pear and fresh apple aromas are brilliant with fresh baked pear flavors and great acidity on the balanced finish. This Viognier is very similar to our 2019 vintage and will not disappoint.

We ended our bottling with a high five and a cold Miller High Life (yep, beer). Cheers to this team, their dedication, and hard work—we look forward to sharing these wines with you!

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