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Di dit, di dit, di dit, “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border, coast to coast and all the ships at sea”! (Walter Winchell)

As SOME of you may know this will be my last Winemakers Corner. I will be retiring from my position at RoxyAnn as of Dec 31, 2020. After thinking long and hard (not really) I have decided to hang up my pruning shears and go have some FUN! Now I KNOW MANY of you will be in a state of panic about the wines here. PLEASE, be un-afraid, everything will be in the extremely competent and capable hands of Frederic J Mihm! And of course the help of our cast of Professional Cellar Rats (Ian Kapros and Bob Metternich)! After all they have done all the real work for years!!

I will still be around from time to time. Don’t be surprised to see me occasionally in the tasting room having a glass of wine, or a beer, (when we can again!), or enjoying some music. So while you might think you are escaping, you’re not that lucky buddy! Remember how the wine thing works….I will still be part of (sort of) the wines for the next few years. While Fred will be putting his personal stamp on them as they are blended and released. So if you see me here at Roxy or around town with a goofy look on my face (OK, goofier than normal) it will be because I have no pressure, and EVERYDAY (ending in Y) is now Sunday!!

My time here at RoxyAnn has been some of the best (if not THE BEST) time I have spent in my 42 years of Winemaking. I would like to thank Chad (and the rest of the Day Family) in creating a fantastic place to finish my career. Of course Fred and The Boys! I could say something nice here, but it would just make them nervous that I was up to something! Ha!

Thank You All for my time here and in the way you have treated me.

From the Winemakers Bunker, I’m OUT!



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