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3 Movies to Watch This Week Paired with RoxyAnn Wine SIP Series

Wine and movies share a profound connection: the ability of a simple sip or scene to whisk your senses away to another place or time.  Below are this week's top picks that best celebrate the world of wine.  Cheers!

Movie — Uncorked
Wine Pairing: Chardonnay & Cabernet Franc
Available on Amazon, Hulu, SommTV

Movie — Year of the Commet
Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Available on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes

Movie — The Secret of Santa Vittoria
Wine Pairing: Tempranillo
Available on Amazon


In case you missed it, here are last week's movies

Movie — A Walk in the Clouds
Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon
Available on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes

Movie — A Good Year
Wine Pairing: Petite Sirah
Available on YouTube, Amazon, Hulu

Movie — Somm 3
Wine Pairing: Malbec
Available on Amazon, Hulu, SommTV


Show Your Appreciation to Loved Ones This Easter Sunday

We know with Easter this Sunday it's a hard time not to be around friends and family — especially parents and grandparents.  How about you gift them an “Easter Basket” from RoxyAnn Winery to let them know that you are thinking of them.

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Custom craft tailored baskets from our winery directly to you.

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Need Wine? Shop Online or Call the Tasting Room

Need wine?  Of course you do! Purchase 12+ bottles of any RoxyAnn wine, mix or match, and receive 25% off.  You may place an order online via the link below or call the tasting room at 541.776.2315 then press 1. Curbside pick up and FREE local delivery available.

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Why Are Old Vines So Special?

What is it about old vine wines that’s so special? Let’s explore some of the theories about aging vineyards and why they’re so rare.

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Authentic RoxyAnn Wooden Wine Barrels — $60 per Barrel

We have a limited quantity of authentic RoxyAnn wooden wine barrels for sale. Stop by the winery between Monday (2/17) through Thursday (2/20) between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. Please call (541) 776-2315 then press 1. Local pick-up.

Winemaker’s Corner

Well, Hiddie Ho There Wine Drinking People (aka Roxyites!), It’s time for another (famed in song and story) Winemakers Corner!!

Just in case you haven’t looked outside lately….The Big Beautiful Glorious SUN is out!! Raise your arms in supplication! Go out and sacrifice a sheep (OK, Peta People, not really!!). While this was actually a warm year based on Degree Days (Temperature/hours of sunlight ratio) and it was the warmest winter in history (World Wide).

Ok, so right now, as usual, the vines are doing their Teenage sleepy (I don’t want to get up and go to School) thing, everything else seems to be coming awake after a few days of bright skies. Don’t know about anyone else out there but I can feel the pollen starting to pack up under my eyelids already!
We finished bottling our 2019 Pinot Gris, Viognier, and Rosé a couple of weeks ago and the Rosé was released just in time for Valentine’s Day!! The Viognier will come out at the Spring Wine Club release party on March 7-8, and both will be available in the Tasting Room from that time forward.

Now we have to look forward to bottling again in April as we are breaking up our bottling runs into shorter segments because it’s easier on the employee’s (OK, ME!!). In April we’ll be bottling all of our single varietal red wines from 2017….Tempranillo, Merlot, Cab Sauv, Syrah, etc. Including a Special bottling of a Vineyard designate Cabernet Franc from the Gold Vineyard (owned by the ever famous Mr. Randy Gold!!), and our Limited Availability Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (have to be a Wine Club Member to get it, hint hint! Just Sayin!). Then we will get to ignore bottling until the summer.

So as far as the 2020 Vintage, it’s hurry up and wait! If our weather holds on and stays like this we will have an early bud break and, possibly, a longer than average growing season, and everyone knows longer is better! Enjoy the sun, revel in its warmth and sunniness. Cause this here is the Rogue Valley and it could be snowing again in 24 hours!! Ha! I’m OUT!

Cheers from the Winemakers Bunker!

Winners! Oregon Wine Experience 2019 Medal Celebration

We would like to thank the Oregon Wine Experience for awarding RoxyAnn Winery the following medals for our wine; 2015 Petite Sirah GOLD, 2016 Claret SILVER, 2016 Malbec SILVER, 2018 Viognier SILVER.

Congratulations to our winemakers Kent Barthman and Fred Mihm and owner Chad Day.

Click here to visit The Oregon Wine Experience online

RoxyAnn Winery Voted Best Glass of Red & White Wine

Best of Medford  2019 “BEST Glass of Red & White Wine” Southern Oregon Magazine.  Thank you to all that voted.

RoxyAnn Vintage Wine Discovery

Whenever I shop, I always visit the wine section.  This past weekend I stopped in the Ruch Market.  To my surprise, there were 3 bottles of 2011 Syrah and 6 bottles of 2014 Claret.

Also, while out to dinner at Callahan’s Lodge, our tasting room specialist, Stacey, discovered a nice selection of 2014 RoxyAnn Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Viognier.

UPDATE — Winco has 10 bottles of 2014 RoxyAnn Cabernet Sauvignon (double gold winner Oregon Wine Experience 2018).

We are currently sold out of the four vintages in the tasting room. So, the next time you are en route to the Applegate, driving to Hilt, or grocery shopping stop by the Ruch Market, Callahan’s Lodge, and/or Winco.

Southern Oregon — WineEnthusiast’s Top 10 Travel Destinations

We all know the story of Oregon wine no longer begins and ends with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Southern Oregon has been hailed by WineEnthusiast as one of “The 10 Best Travel Destinations” in the world!

Not listed in the article are three of my favorite Southern Oregon wine events; The Annual JPR Wine Tasting Event & Auction, A Taste of Ashland, and The Oregon Wine Experience.

By the way, if you are wondering who is toasting a glass of bubbles in the “Where to Dine” section, it is our very own Steven Addington. It was an incredible evening of amazing food and wine spent with Eric & Julie Weisinger and friends at The Loft in downtown Ashland.

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The Cottage at Hillcrest Orchard

This historic little cottage boasts an incredible location for wine tasting and gorgeous views. Located on the grounds of the 250 acre Hillcrest Orchard Estate and RoxyAnn Winery, The Cottage will not disappoint for your next getaway! Enjoy a complimentary wine tasting or glass of wine at the RoxyAnn Tasting Room.


“This place is a rare find for all the right reasons! Easily one of the coolest Airbnbs that I’ve stayed at. I arrived on a Friday night just in time for the live band and food truck by the tasting room. Barbara provided all the information and made sure everything was taken care of during my short stay. Make sure you get there early to taste some wine (the Malbec was my favorite). The staff is super friendly and the room is filled with witty wine quotes. Will definitely stay here again next time! PS. do NOT leave this place without getting a few bottles of wine =).”

“Terry and Barbara’s cottage was great! We went after harvest and the grounds are still beautiful. The staff in the tasting room was super friendly and even helped explain some of the wines to novice drinkers. We will definitely book this place again for our next journey through the area. Tastefully remodeled and comfortable all around!”

Click here for rates and booking information

Southern Oregon Wines Love to Fly FREE!

The Oregon Wines Fly Free program allows Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members to check one case of wine at no cost on their return flight departing from one of four Oregon airports, as well as Walla Walla, Washington. As a bonus, inbound visitors can receive complimentary tastings at any participating winery by showing their Alaska Airlines boarding passes within a week of arrival.

Membership in Alaska Airlines’ award-winning Mileage Plan is free.

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