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Tasting Room Closed Tuesdays & First Week In February

The tasting room will be closed every Tuesday for the month of January and in February from 2/3 through 2/7.

10 Wine Tips You Need to Know

These wine tips cover some of the stranger bits of language and etiquette used by wine connoisseurs.

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The Karen Lovely Valentine's Special Dinner & Performance

Join us for a romantic evening in the tasting room featuring a very special dinner provided by Port Orford Sustainable Seafood and a passionate performance by the Karen Lovely Band.


Fresh crab with with drawn butter
Homemade Klamath potato salad or Ceasar salad with sourdough baguette
Recommended wine pairing — Pinot Gris or Chardonnay*

*Wine not included but available for purchase


KAREN LOVELY offers up a blistering mix of contemporary Blues, Blues Rock, and American roots music. Known for her passionate, driven style, this powerhouse vocalist consistently delivers standout performances - both live and in the studio, garnering awards and critical acclaim throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

"Lovely’s performance...was one of the most unexpected pleasures of recent memory...[her] style begins from sources within such classic blues singers as Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith. And, like Janis Joplin before her, she has translated those influences into an utterly gripping contemporary style of her own." - Don Heckman, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF MUSIC, Music Critic LA Times, NY Times, Village Voice, DownBeat

"Lovely's voice combines roadhouse grit with a focused emotional clarity all her own...she's an unstoppable force blasting out of the Pacific Northwest." - Frank-John Hadley, DownBeat

“The most talented singer I have been associated with since my early days with Robert Cray." - Dennis Walker, multi-Grammy-winning producer

Cost — $35 Wine Club Members | $40 General Public
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Please call the Tasting Room at (541) 776-2315 then press 1 to make a reservation.

The Complete Guide to Wine Grapes

The complete guide to Wine Grapes focus on the main grapes used to produce the most popular varietals of wine.  This guide explains how each and every wine gets its flavor profile from a combination of the grapes used to produce the wine, the soil and weather patterns where the fruit was grown and the choices exercised by the winemaker.

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Featured Artist — "20-20 Vision" by Tom Glassman — January 2020

Tom Glassman is our featured artist this month. Stop by the tasting room to meet Tomd on Sunday, January 5th from 2 to 5 pm with complimentary appetizers. Enjoy LIVE music from 3 pm to 5 pm featuring The Chris Pearson Jazz Quartet.


TOM GLASSMAN has been shooting with a camera for hundreds of years. “I attribute my ability ‘to see’ to my advertising background.”  As a former creative director at several ad agencies he is used to routinely looking for the unusual.       

Tom’s first love is still black and white photography, as evidenced by many of the images routinely included in his shows and the monochromatic look of many of his color photographs.

Tom’s wife, Linda, gets most of the credit for his photography career.  She was the one who first encouraged him to pursue it, and over the years, allowed him to abandon her on many of their trips so he could go off and take pictures (while she went shopping).  She also went without diamonds and furs so he could purchase a nice lens now and then.      

Tom’s work has shown in a number of galleries and exhibits in Boston, Massachusetts; Portland and Kennebunkport, Maine; Seattle and Kirkland, Washington; California; New Orleans; and of course, Oregon.  His work is in the private collections of many professional photographers, photography instructors, designers, art directors, graphic artists, art instructors, gallery owners, plain old artist-artists (painters, sculptors, etc.), and many of the framers Tom has worked with.  Additionally he teaches photography and fine art printing.       

As many people comment on Tom’s brilliant colors, unusual graphic patterns, and striking minimalist approach, it is worth noting that “…what you see is what was really there and what I saw when I took the photograph.”  He does help capture the intense colors by using a polarizer filter and saturated films.  But…everything was done in the camera.  And although the images you see here were produced with a computer and a professional graphics printer, none of the images were manipulated with computer imaging software.


First of all, I take photos because it’s fun and because I enjoy it. And even if I weren’t showing my work in galleries, I would still keep taking photographs.

Whenever possible, my primary goal is to try and take a photograph that doesn’t look like a photograph. This might entail anything from recording unusual reflections or abstract lines and patterns to juxtaposing unusual colors or shapes to creating compositions with extreme negative space. I also try to create unusual or fun images by positioning the camera to photograph found objects or distinct background/foreground layers in close proximity that aren’t typically seen together.   

More specifically, what I try to do with photography is to use the camera’s point of view to isolate an object that people are used to looking at everyday so they see it in a whole new way. When people look at my work, I want them to see my images as much as they see my vision.   

Finally, I am what you would call a technical photographer. In other words, all my photos are carefully composed and cropped (corner to corner) in the viewfinder before I snap the picture. Everything about my images is deliberate and time-consuming. I use a tripod, bubble level, filters, mirror-lockup, cable release, self-timer, the appropriate f-stop and extremely accurate exposures to create in the camera what I envisioned in my mind.

Consequently, what you are looking at are images that have only been color-corrected but are otherwise unaltered in any way by any image editing software. And while many photographers enjoy all the new tools that today’s digital darkroom offers, my real passion is to be spending time with the camera figuring out how to see something in a completely new and different way.   

All too often, we go through life without taking the time to stop and really look at what’s around us, above us, beside us, or even down at our feet. Whether it’s shapes, patterns, colors, shadows, reflections, unusual juxtapositions, a dramatic perspective, or perhaps something as simple but compelling as an unusual point of view – all conspire to demonstrate how different people can look at the same thing…and see it very differently.

With this exhibit, whether it’s exploring the natural world, home surroundings, a small-town scene, or even something as ordinary as a city street, the familiar can suddenly become magical and mysterious. Who would have thought that something as simple as a photograph with a fresh perspective would have the power to stop us, or move us, or simply make us think and feel?

“You don’t see that every day,” viewers will be inclined to say. But, of course, you do, if you know where and how to look.

Interested in exhibiting art in the tasting room?  Click here to contact Carol Ann.

[cell] 206.618.3689

What Type of Wine Personality Do You Have?

You’ll be surprised at how your personality influences your taste in wine.

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Winemaker’s Corner

Greetings and Felicitations oh followers of the RoxyAnn Philosophy,

Time once again for the true theology of Life, Love, and Wine!! OK, my ramblings about anything and everything I feel like laying on you! As I’m certain you have all felt, change is in the air. There are only a few leaves left on the trees (bushes, vines, etc) and all the grapes are in the Barn (so to speak). While Mother Nature decided to give us a little more instability than we’ve had over the last few years, we were able to pull out another stellar vintage for Team Roxy!!! (Yea!)

First it was cool, then cool and moist, then downright cold, and lastly warm sunny and there were no leaves left to bask in the glorious sunshine. Ah, but with the hard work of the highly skilled Winemaking Team of RoxyAnn (and some technical wizardry)(If I told you I’d have to kill you!!), we have some great wines in tanks and barrels. Right now we are on the downhill slide, pressing off the tanks (taking the wine away from the skins) settling it then filling barrels for some gentle aging, to the sounds of Angels playing harps in the barrel room. While the Red wines will snuggle down in their woody environment the White wines (ok, Viognier, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rose) will start getting ready to be bottled in February. The Chardonnay will do much the same as the Red wines except be bottled a year earlier.

So don’t expect to see the cellar staff wandering around the Winery or in the Tasting Room looking like the Walking Dead. At least until Bottling…or the next harvest!! Ha! Remember “Life’s Too Short to Drink Bad Wines!!” Peace Out.

From the Bunker,
Mr K

Winners! Oregon Wine Experience 2019 Medal Celebration

We would like to thank the Oregon Wine Experience for awarding RoxyAnn Winery the following medals for our wine; 2015 Petite Sirah GOLD, 2016 Claret SILVER, 2016 Malbec SILVER, 2018 Viognier SILVER.

Congratulations to our winemakers Kent Barthman and Fred Mihm and owner Chad Day.

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RoxyAnn Winery Voted Best Glass of Red & White Wine

Best of Medford  2019 “BEST Glass of Red & White Wine” Southern Oregon Magazine.  Thank you to all that voted.

RoxyAnn Vintage Wine Discovery

Whenever I shop, I always visit the wine section.  This past weekend I stopped in the Ruch Market.  To my surprise, there were 3 bottles of 2011 Syrah and 6 bottles of 2014 Claret.

Also, while out to dinner at Callahan’s Lodge, our tasting room specialist, Stacey, discovered a nice selection of 2014 RoxyAnn Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Viognier.

UPDATE — Winco has 10 bottles of 2014 RoxyAnn Cabernet Sauvignon (double gold winner Oregon Wine Experience 2018).

We are currently sold out of the four vintages in the tasting room. So, the next time you are en route to the Applegate, driving to Hilt, or grocery shopping stop by the Ruch Market, Callahan’s Lodge, and/or Winco.

Southern Oregon — WineEnthusiast’s Top 10 Travel Destinations

We all know the story of Oregon wine no longer begins and ends with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. Southern Oregon has been hailed by WineEnthusiast as one of “The 10 Best Travel Destinations” in the world!

Not listed in the article are three of my favorite Southern Oregon wine events; The Annual JPR Wine Tasting Event & Auction, A Taste of Ashland, and The Oregon Wine Experience.

By the way, if you are wondering who is toasting a glass of bubbles in the “Where to Dine” section, it is our very own Steven Addington. It was an incredible evening of amazing food and wine spent with Eric & Julie Weisinger and friends at The Loft in downtown Ashland.

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The Cottage at Hillcrest Orchard

This historic little cottage boasts an incredible location for wine tasting and gorgeous views. Located on the grounds of the 250 acre Hillcrest Orchard Estate and RoxyAnn Winery, The Cottage will not disappoint for your next getaway! Enjoy a complimentary wine tasting or glass of wine at the RoxyAnn Tasting Room.


“This place is a rare find for all the right reasons! Easily one of the coolest Airbnbs that I’ve stayed at. I arrived on a Friday night just in time for the live band and food truck by the tasting room. Barbara provided all the information and made sure everything was taken care of during my short stay. Make sure you get there early to taste some wine (the Malbec was my favorite). The staff is super friendly and the room is filled with witty wine quotes. Will definitely stay here again next time! PS. do NOT leave this place without getting a few bottles of wine =).”

“Terry and Barbara’s cottage was great! We went after harvest and the grounds are still beautiful. The staff in the tasting room was super friendly and even helped explain some of the wines to novice drinkers. We will definitely book this place again for our next journey through the area. Tastefully remodeled and comfortable all around!”

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Southern Oregon Wines Love to Fly FREE!

The Oregon Wines Fly Free program allows Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members to check one case of wine at no cost on their return flight departing from one of four Oregon airports, as well as Walla Walla, Washington. As a bonus, inbound visitors can receive complimentary tastings at any participating winery by showing their Alaska Airlines boarding passes within a week of arrival.

Membership in Alaska Airlines’ award-winning Mileage Plan is free.

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