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A well-curated charcuterie board is a work of art. When paired with the right wines such as RoxyAnn Pinot Gris for its citrus acidity or RoxyAnn Tempranillo for its well structured tannins, that artwork becomes a masterpiece.

Click here for the RECIPE then visit us in the Tasting Room to select the perfect accompaniment of wine, cheese, bread, crackers, and more.


Every year, the Hillcrest Farm Stand offers the finest fruits and vegetables in the Rogue Valley. As the growing season progresses, the orchard produces a bounty of pears, peaches, apples, corn, squash, figs, and pumpkins.

Currently, a selection of peaches, apples, and squash are available.


Operated by the Parsons family since 1908, Hillcrest Orchard, one of the oldest continuously owned family orchards in the Rogue Valley, has grown some of the regions finest fruit and produce.

Beautiful fruit and vegetables are still grown on the estate but on a smaller scale by Century Farm Fruit Growers.

The United States Department of the Interior added Hillcrest Orchard to the National Register of Historic places in 1984 for its historic and architectural significance.

Click here to read more about the history of Hillcrest Orchard


Max Brown is our featured artist for the month of July and August. Stop by the tasting room to meet Max on Sunday, July 5th from 2 to 5 pm. Enjoy LIVE music from 3 pm to 5 pm featuring The Gypsy Rogue Trio.

Call the Tasting Room at (541) 776-2315 then press 1 to make a reservation or click here to send an email.


Born in Burkesville, Kentucky and started drawing in elementary school. At 18 years old, Max enlisted in the US Marines and spent 30 years in the regular and reserve Marine Corps. He moved to Medford with his family in 1969 then attended Southern Oregon College graduating with a BS in Art Education. He taught at Crater Lake High School, Grace Christian School, Hedrick Jr. High School and Cascade Christian High School. In 1978, Max attained an MS in Art Education at University of Oregon.

Max’s philosophy is the art should be affordable and available to everyone. He does not paint for a living or fame, just for the love of it. Color is most important along with some creativity. Max is retired now, but he is still looking for new ideas. Other artists are an inspiration to him. He enjoys all types of art.

“You should all do art and always have an original piece of art work in your home.”

[tel] 541.512.2392


Want to meet RoxyAnn Winery’s new Executive Chef extraordinaire who during his very first Wine Club created a menu that people are talking about all over the valley?

We would like to welcome “Raider” to the RoxyAnn Family.


Raider Babcock was born and raised in the Lake Tahoe Basin spending 32 years living in the snow. At the age of 12 he developed an interest in all things kitchen and cooking. His first job was at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Raider’s passion for cooking while being conscientious about ingredients and quality of food has lead him down the road of 20+ years of success in the industry. Five years ago, a decision was made to incorporate and embody farm-fresh ingredients and sustainability building on his love of Oregon’s amazing bounty of local ingredients to choose from.

An impressive resumé accompanies his experience over the years from Sous Chef to Head Chef to Executive Chef. We are pleased to have Raider on board.


I feel a bit like ‘A Stranger in a Strange Land’…Oh Wait I think someone else already used that as a title!! Ok then, How about Strange Times Indeed?!?

As we ALL are living through some unique events, hopefully never to be repeated in our lives. I’m reminded of an old Chinese curse “May you live in Interesting Times”.

While things are different, and there have been some changes, here at RoxyAnn we persevere. The Tasting Room is open for drop by traffic, and we have a delivery option for those who live locally.

Out in the Vineyards we are doing some modifications to the trellising on some of the new plantings we’ve put in over the last couple of years. Hoping to open up the vine canopy some to ‘Let the Sun Shine In’. Wait, I think that might have been a song title. Damn, all the good words have been used already!! We’re also doing some work with the young vines as Mother Nature don’t care about no stinking stay at home orders! Ha! The Cellar Boys (sounds kind of like a Boy Band, don’t ya think?) are putting together our Claret and Honor Barn Blends so we can be ready to bottle them in June. BTW, they are turning out very nice! Now if we can just not mess them up!! Ha! Working in the days of Social Separation has been quite different for us. No more Kumbaya morning hug, and our afternoon snuggle/nap is now out as well.

Things will eventually return to “normal” and we will all go on with our lives. In the meantime be smart, safe, and take care of those around you. Rest assured RoxyAnn will be here for you now and into the future, because everybody needs a little wine every now and then!

Remember ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (oh there I go again!)