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RoxyAnn Winery is proud to join over 20 Rogue Valley wineries who are donating at least $10 per bottle sold of designated “Cares” wines to directly help families impacted by the fires. RoxyAnn has pledged 56 cases or 672  bottles of our 2017 Honor Barn Red towards this cause. On top of that, we are offering free shipping on any purchase of 12 bottles or more of our Honor Barn Red now through October 26th. Please use coupon code “CARES” to redeem the free shipping offer. Please ask our tasting room team about our “Cares” offer or click on the Honor Barn Bottle below to purchase your case today. You can also see the full list of nearly 50 exceptional wines and buy online at


Members, your Fall Wine Club releases are waiting for you in the Tasting Room; we hope you enjoy the selections, including our 2016 Petite Sirah, an Oregon Wine Experience double-gold winner. Don’t forget that you receive 20% off on any additional RoxyAnn bottle purchases on pick-up days. See you soon!


Hidie Ho, to all the Roxyites out there!

It’s time once again for (the famed in song and story) Winemakers Corner! Yea!!

Today’s words from Gods mouth…I mean, Proverb…I mean, learned teachings from the WINEMAKER are all about the Harvest. As (of course) all of you know it is the wine grape harvest season here in beautiful Southern Oregon. Ok and every other place in the Northern Hemisphere as well. So as the clusters of each varietal of grape comes into its ultimate moment of ripeness and grapey perfection, we go out to the vineyard and cut that mother off of its loving vine and drag it into the winery to make the wines that you all love so much. As you might have guessed this has been a particularly challenging year/season. What with first the rains in May/June during flowering, then the heat spikes during July/August, and finally a good fire or two to add some possible smoke taint (not to our fruit mind you!) and cause total mayhem to the area. Now ALL of this foolishness has been a mere annoyance to the God like Winemaking Staff here at RoxyAnn. But it has given us enough reason to label this Vintage 2020-WTF (What the Fruit!?!?). And if it wasn’t for the fact that Fred, Ian, and Bob know what they are doing so well, I would probably be stark raving Bonkers by now!! We are currently (as of my writing this) about 40-45% done with the vintage. We have almost all of our white fruit picked, all of the Rose is in, and mostly the Bordeaux varietal red grapes left out there. We have been picking about 10ish tons of fruit every other day, so about 40ish tons per week. If the weather remains constant we should be finished harvesting grapes by mid Oct. Not quite a new record, but close! And while we seem to be a little below our average yields, the quality has been excellent so far.

So, if you see us out on the crush pad some day/evening, or in the (socially distanced) Tasting Room doing some product quality control. Say HI, but don’t take it personally if we merely grunt in return!

I’m out from the Winemakers Bunker!


Every year, the Hillcrest Farmstand offers the finest fruits and vegetables in the Rogue Valley. As the growing season progresses, the orchard produces a bounty of pears, peaches, apples, corn, squash, figs, and pumpkins. Currently, an excellent selection of pears and squash are available.

Operated by the Parsons family since 1908, Hillcrest Orchard, one of the oldest continuously-owned family orchards in the Rogue Valley, has grown some of the region’s most delicate fruit and produce. Beautiful fruit and vegetables are still grown on the estate but a smaller scale by Century Farm Fruit Growers. The United States Department of the Interior added Hillcrest Orchard to the National Register of Historic places in 1984 for its historical and architectural significance. Read more >



Ted Killian is our featured artist for October. We will be showcasing Ted’s mixed-media digital collages, paintings, and prints all month. Please stop by the tasting room to check out a vast selection of his work while enjoying a glass of wine!


Ted Killian was born on May 11, 1953, and began to draw at age four and paint (with a fair realism) in oils by age seven. By adolescence, he could paint or draw almost anything he set his mind to.

Early on, a friend once shared a definition of “Art” with him as being little more than children playing on a mud bank and calling out to one another to show off their “mud pie” creations. More than anything else, that attitude of “play” very much permeates his approach to all creativity -and especially to visual art.

About the work on display, Ted says, “The the way I see it, the old masters were using whatever handy technology-drawing, painting etching, engraving, lithography, woodblock-of their eras to do their works. I am just utilizing the current technology of my era for mine. However, I am less interested in making multiple copies. My digital prints tend to be more like monoprints or one-offs.”

He says he especially likes to “cannibalize” earlier work to create new works-something that the computer easily allows. Saying, “I get bored easily and am always changing things and recombining things to see if I can make something new out of it. It’s been a favorite method for a very long time to take the best parts of older works and to rearrange and find new combinations of images, textures, and colors for new.”