What is the Importance of a Wine Glass?

Nov 25th 2019

What is the Importance of a Wine Glass?

You are probably curious why there are some people who are particular when it comes to wine glasses. After all, what is the big deal if you want to drink wine out of a regular glass or even a coffee mug? Doesn’t it just mean you are drinking a lot or a little depending on the size of the cup? If you are sipping a cheap wine for its “therapeutic benefits”, a regular glass will work just fine. However, if you really want to understand wine, want to relish the taste of the drink’s nuanced flavors, then you will definitely want to use a proper wine glass.

Wine Glass: How Does It Work?

A wine glass is not merely for drinking out of; it performs several important functions that any wine beginner should know:

  • It releases aromas.

The aroma is what makes drinking wine such a remarkable experience. It is like sniffing your freshly brewed coffee in the morning. With wine, aromas will be released once the alcohol as volatilized from the wine surface. An increased surface area is wonderful, because it increases the release of aromas during your wine tasting. Studies have also shown that swirling wine can increase the surface area as well.

  • It collects aromas.

You would be surprised to know that tea and coffee cups do not have or need a shape that buoys the fragrance to collect the aroma in one place. Some wine tastings even have a wine glass serving bowl to improve the release of the fragrance. Depending on the specific wine style, you might like to have a small or large aroma collector. There is basically no specifically set rules for this logic, but it is said that white wines usually have small bowls to collect the aroma and to retain their temperature, while red wines have bigger bowls for showcasing their aromas.

  • It is on the thin lips.

There are differences of opinion about the lip of the glass, but the general consensus is when the lip is thinner, the lesser the chance for the glass to get in the way of your drinking experience. You can see this in all kinds of glasses, whether you are drinking plain water or whiskey.

You must be able to swirl the wine inside the glass to improve the releasing of aromas . Wine glasses are typically narrower on their top part for two reasons:

  • It can help in making sure that the wine will not end up spilled on the floor when swirled.
  • It helps in collecting all the unlocked aromas so that it will be easier for you to smell them during wine tasting.

For beginners this is probably just another ordinary drink in an ordinary glass, but for the pros, drinking wine is an art and an art this special definitely deserves only the most special medium. So make sure that you pick wine glasses that fit the vintage and your drinking needs.