How to Build a Wine Cellar

Nov 25th 2019

If you decide to make your own wine cellar and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you how to build a wine cellar quickly and easily once you figure out ten crucial details.

  1. Location. Location

Just like in real estate this is the most essential consideration. Look for space that has no direct sunshine. Basements are highly recommended, but attics or add-on’s with no windows make unique cellars too.

  1. The temperature must be 55˚ F

Only if you keep it at 3 to 4˚ F will your beverages be fine. In a warmer place, wine ages faster while in a cooler place, wine will age slower.

  1. Control Humidity

A humidity altitude of more than 70% can cause mold to develop in the cork, thus ruin the taste of wine. However, humidity level under 50% could cause the cork to dry out, thus spoiling your wine.

  1. Size Matters

You might be astounded that wine collection could take up less space that you believed. A collection of 200 to 300 bottles of wine can be housed in 30 sq feet, but remember that you will want an adjacent space that is bigger than the cellar space.

  1. Framing, Insulation, and Drywall

Framing of the space could be managed with only a number of basic 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 walls. Both work, but a thicker wall will allow for thicker insulation, meaning you will have a more temperature controlled space.

  1. Setup a Cooling Unit

Wine cellar cooling units are far different from the normal cooling units in your home, because they control humidity as well as temperature. They could not add moisture, but they can eliminate excess humidity. There are products available to cool the area, but wall units are the best option.

  1. Lighting

Wine cellar is intended to be cold and dark, but you also want your cellar to look cool. So, choose a lighting that brings out the ambiance of a cellar you created. There are lots of incredible lighting options that emit no heat. Modern cellars sometimes have puck lights, track lights, or LED strip lights, while vintage ones have dimmer switches with decorative glass fixtures.

  1. Seal The Doorways

There are a number of ways to improve sealing the door with vapor barriers and weather striping. If you like looking over the collection a frameless 10 mm glass door allows for the finest viewing into the room.

  1. Adding Humidity

Humidifiers are the only thing that add humidity, confusing name right, but a basic humidifier is all that is needed.

  1. Showcasing your Wine

What will make your cellar remarkable is how you display your collections. Using different ways to rack, light, and draw attention to the wine will increase the WOW factor. A great wine cellar will showcase the finest wines, while still finding sufficient room for day to day choices.